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Are you planning a trip to Canada for, let’s say, for a business meeting, for a holiday, or for small meet or for an important conference? While researching for the whole process on the internet, you must have come across the term visit visa from Dubai to Canada. Whether you want to get a job done there, or you have an important business there, it all comes down to your inner thoughts taking an action here, which is to set a foot on the lands on peace: Canada.


For United Arab Emirates nationals and residents, the whole process becomes easier as compared to certain nationals exempted from certain perks. You will be issued a visit visa for 6 months while the nationals of exempted countries will be issued a visit visa to Canada for just 180 days. You definitely lie on the good side of the Canadian government and foreign policies.


Before opting for just any random consultant agency you find online, it is best to dig some past up and do some research to rule out the so-so consultants from the best ones. There are some qualities that the best consultant agency would definitely not compromise over:

  • Their success rate should be uncanny. It should be unlike any other agency holds. They should have happy customers and leave good reviews. A good consultant agency should always prioritize customer service at the top, second to none.
  • The company should offer smooth process that starts right when step into their facility till you land and set off your foot in Canada. They should be able to assist you in every step and should be flexible enough to let you have the best experience that you wish for.


After choosing your consultant agency, the next most important thing is to know which type of visit visa you want. There are many classification of visit visa, among them, I would like to give a brief explanation of types on the basis of entry:


A single entry visa might be the one you are looking for if you do not have plans to revisit Canada in the near future. A single entry visit visa lets you enter the respective country just one time. People often opt for such a type of visa when they have a small meeting lasting for a short period of time, or a holiday to attend to, or to have a short appearance at somewhere prestige.


A multiple entry visit visa lets you re-visit the territory as many times as you want, but for a period of six months which is valid up to 10 years. This might be the best option for you if you see yourself visiting Canada in the near future.

In any case, choosing the best consultant agency remains to be the first thing to do in order to ensure a carefree and smooth process of documentation. A Canada tourist visa from Dubai lets you fulfil your dream that you once had lost the hope for.


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