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Why USA visit visa application approval is complicated?


No one can deny the fact that USA is the most powerful country in all aspects whether it’s military, international influence or economy. They are the world’s most effective currency the dollar can literally effect economy of many countries in the world. Many people are willing to migrate United States for better future. Alongside side this country has really fascinating landscape apart from permanently settling, many people also visit United States to experience and feel this stunning state. As a Dubai resident you could also apply for USA visit visa Dubai and spend your vocations their.

USA visit visa:

the duration of the United States visit visa is 6 months it can be extended to one year if you file a proper appeal. Visit is not only limited to tour purposes you can also apply for USA visit if ; you wanted to visit your family members who are living in the United States or if you’re wanted to go for medical treatment purposes. You have to go through an interview before visa approval this will be your final step that will decide whether you’re eligible for US visa

Strict check and balance before visa approval:

But getting US visit visa is really hard because of the strict policies. United States’ government never compromise on safety of their country. Being such a powerful country need some strict check and balance so no one disturb the peace of country. If they think that you could be threat to their country your application will be rejected eventually. These are some reasons that securing USA visa even only for tour is hard enough:

Bad financial stability:

Traveling as a tourist require a lot of money and if it’s USA your financial condition should be good. USA immigration officers check your financial condition example your monthly income, because they wanted to make sure that you have enough money to stay in USA or you will not commit any crime for wealth. And if your financial is not match the approval standards maybe they will reject your visa application.

Incomplete or missing documents:

Applying for visa requires a lot of legal documents processes. All documents checked thoroughly in the office if they found any missing document even a page. That can cause visa rejection. Because sometimes people try to enter the United States with illegal or cloned documents.

Travel history of candidates:

If you had traveled to any country before they will check your history and see if you followed all the rule or fly back to your country in permitted time period. There decision will depend on your travel history. They wanted to make sure the person they are giving permission to enter in their country wouldn’t cause a disruption or create any uncomfortable situation.USA visit visa Dubai can be secured without so much trouble if you seek help from a certified immigration consultant agency. They can really help you in coping up with this hectic processes and make your work easy for you.


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